Pontillo's Pizzerias - Since 1947
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Pontillos History - 60 Years and Counting!

In 2007 Pontillo's Pizzerias will celebrate 60 years in business. No small feat in a competitive market of powerful national chains and local fly-by-nights.

"In Batavia, in the year 1947, most people called to ask what pizza was! Except for Italian-Americans, pizza was considered a strange but delicious new tomato pie. Its popularity grew very rapidly and, needless to say, the rest is history," said co-founder Tony Pontillo.

A very successful history to be sure. Today, almost sixty years later, with twenty-five locations, Pontillo's is the largest, locally-owned pizza chain in the area. "We're very definitely a hometown business," said Dave Pontillo. "Most of our shops are still family-owned and all of them are owned and operated by local residents. We're very proud to be known as a Western New York original and want to thank our customers for their continued loyalty."

So, Baby Boomers, get ready to celebrate our sixty year mark. Pontillo's has enjoyed growing up with you!